About our company

Trisums Investments Co. Ltd was started in the year 2013 by our founder Ms. Paskalia Pendo, we are based in Kenya, Nairobi in Westlands, along Raphta Road. 


TIC offers over 6 years of real estate experience in real estate agency and all facets of property management.
Our greatest achievement and biggest sense of pride is when we create trusting and lasting relationships. It is truly the quality of the people who make up this amazing team at every level which is our real competitive advantage. 


This is what gives our clients confidence in the brand, in us and in our service. The quality of our service and the level of care we bestow to our clients sets us apart.

Our staff is committed to the aims of the company as are the Directors. As a team, we share a common belief that ‘true-quality’ can only come from high personal standards, a professional attitude and an experienced understanding of what is required of the services we are offering. The name of our company is, therefore quite logical…….…….we have an IMAGE to maintain.

Our Services

Sales & Letting

We have a wide variety of available residential and commercial units to suit both corporate and individual needs.

Property Management

Over the years, the administration and management of residential and commercial properties has emerged as one of our core competences


We offer reliable and accurate property-related advice & insights that help in property investment decision-making process.

Meet The Team

Paskalia Pendo

Managing Director

Sandra Ngei


Faith Mbugua



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